Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I See Colors

Last Thursday we finished up our "I See Colors" book.   It follows our colors unit where we have a color of the day. This is my phase two of the Writer's Workshop before I do a true Writer's Workshop.    It has a lot of scaffolding and support and I really focus on sounding out words.

I start by modeling with my own "I see red" page.  Together we come up with things that are red.  I draw them and we work together to sound out the words.  Then the students create one.

 Then I gradually take out the words in the sentence.  They get so tickled each time I take out a word and just about lose it when they find the blank paper in the Writing Center.  It's the little things. :)

I love that they can all do this independently at their own level.  Some kids will draw an apple and write "a" while others can write "apl" and still others will record "apple."  The very best part is that each day is a fresh page and they don't have to go back and reread or remember what they wrote yesterday.  They aren't frustrated and discouraged when their writing isn't "real" writing.

This week I started following Lucy Calkin's guide for her Writer's Workshop and it is going beautifully!  Thank you scaffolding!

Happy Writing!

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