Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Falling" In Love With Math Centers

I LOVE the season of fall!  I love the temperature, I love the smell, I love the pumpkin and apple flavors in everything (is pumpkin in more things than usual this year?) and most of all I love the colors!  My husband and I were planning a fall getaway and when he asked me where I wanted to go, I answered, "Somewhere where I can enjoy the fall colors."  We just got back from our getaway and I am thoroughly satisfied by the fall colors.  I think he was thoroughly satisfied by the number of times he was able to tease me about my request.

But back to Kindergarten (literally, tomorrow, back to Kindergarten!).  I am really, really enjoying our math centers and my little sweeties are able to work them independently now so I can work with small groups.   It's always amazing to work with small groups because not only do you help them understand a concept better, but you really get to know your students better.  We were kind of in-between themes when I needed a change in my math centers, so I made a few fall-themed centers; why not?
Fall Leaf Memory.  Match the number of leaves to the number on the card.  Also working on that subitizing!

Spin and write.  Spin the spinner, count the leaves, write on recording sheet.  See which number makes it to the end first!

Finish the pattern, pick two patterns to record on a recording sheet.

Playing Candy Count on the iPad.  We LOVE this game, even though it's a little easy.  It asks them to sort the candy by color, counts with them, and asks questions about greatest and least.  And yes, the boxes are still ugly.  Any suggestions on how to cuten them up?

You are more than welcome to use these centers for the fabulous price of free!  Simply download them by clicking here for my TeachersPayTeachers page or here for Teacher's Notebook.  The centers practice patterning (which I know is not in the Core, but I still think it's important!) and the numbers 6-10.

Happy Fall!

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