Monday, July 21, 2014

Stop by the Readbox

Today is a Monday-Made-It and I am sooooo excited to share what I made!

It's a Read-box, get it? :)

I absolutely cannot take credit for this idea.  I found it last spring on Pinterest from Marci Coombs' blog.  It was love at first sight.  You can see her adorable readbox and more cute bulletin boards here.
A few years ago, my kindergarten-teachers-in-crime and I combined our resources and made a huge Daily 5 Leveled Library. We wanted our kiddos to have lots of choices for Read to Self and Read to Someone.  We ended up using our teacher workroom to house the library last year since the previous home to the library once again was being utilized as a classroom.  Unfortunately, the library did not look so cute.


When I saw Marci's Readbox, I knew we had to make one for the Daily 5 Leveled Library.  It wasn't too hard to create either!  Here's how:

Start by covering your wall or bulletin board with red bulletin board paper.  Holy Guacamole.  That is way easier said than done.  We just paint the bulletin boards at our school and I would like to pledge to never, ever cover one with paper again.  

Next, cover the shelves to be extra-readboxy.

To make the Readbox logo, I just projected Marci's picture and traced.  And yes, I did it very old school transparency-style. :)  I'm sure you could just pull it up on your computer or document camera...if your technology is no longer hibernating for the summer.

Next, channel your inner Joey Gladstone and cut - it - out!

Staple it up, die-cut any more signage, and enjoy a super-cute library!

Happy Monday-Made-It!