Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Made It: Where's Summer?

Summer?  Where are you going?

Summer is almost over, which is super bittersweet this year since it will mean leaving my 5 month old at home.  We've had so much fun this summer which brings me to my first Monday Made It:

 A sensory shaker bottle!  It was so easy to make!  Here's what my little assistant and I did to make it come together.

Start with a water bottle about half full of water.  Or half empty, depending on how you like to look at things. ;)

Next, add 1 drop of food coloring and watch your baby BE AMAZED!!!

Since oil and water don't mix, and we wanted to add a little interest, add about 1/4 cup of baby oil.  Bonus, if you spill a little on your hands, you'll smell good all day!

 After that, bite the lid and relish the bumpy texture of the lid.  Just kidding.  I was wanting one more liquid element, so we added a squirt or two of light corn syrup.

Last, but most definitely not least, add some glitter.  I may have added a little too much glitter - it made the bottle a bit dense.  Nevermind, is there such thing as too much glitter?

Then, shake, shake, shake and enjoy!  So fun for baby (especially the crunchy noise the bottle makes when he smacks it) but it would also be a fun density experiment in the classroom.  The glitter did not settle where I thought it would!

Made It #2 is from earlier in the summer, but I haven't shared it yet and I'm super proud of it.  Look!  I made a headboard!

It would be much more accurate to say, "My brother-in-law made a headboard and I assisted him."  :) He's going to school for construction right now, and he was a really great teacher and partner.  It was a lot of fun and we're looking for our next project. I'm pretty sure HGTV will be offering us our own show soon. :) We used these plans to build it.

And finally I've been doing everyone's favorite job, comb-binding.

I did make something fun.  I found some amazing writing papers on Pinterest, but no source of how I could get them.  So, I made some.  I do really like how they turned out and put 'em up on TpT.  I'll make them free for a week and then I think I'll price them for $1.

If you're wanting that A-Z Alphabet Art Book, you can find out more about it and a link to it (it's a freebie!) here.  And those testing pages and cutting samples have more info here.

Happy LAST Summer-Monday,

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  1. I can see that your sensory bottle was a big hit! Such a wonderful yet simple idea.

    Quinnessential Lessons

    1. Yes, Kim, it's still a big hit several days later! It's amazing how sometimes simple is best, isn't it? :)