Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Highlighters and Powerpoint

This Tuesday is an uber simple tip.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you do a whole-group emergent reader activity, send those readers off to read, they never quite end at the same time, no matter how heterogeneous you make the groups?

And of course, you told them what to do next, but they don't remember and come charging up to you, while you are reading patiently with Johnny Yay-Hoo who can't be trusted to go off and read with a peer, that is unless you want him emerging from Dramatic Play wearing a cowboy hat, high-heels, and a smirk that tells you he put the baby in the microwave, again.

Ahh, the beauty of powerpoint, or smartboards if you're lucky enough to have one.

After reading with a friend, my little friends are to go to their seat and highlight 3-4 words in those emergent readers.  How do they know which ones and which colors?


I have a single slide powerpoint that I can easily change to match the words of the week.  They just check the slide and highlight away.

Disclaimer:  I feel like I should explain that we don't do a whole lot of whole-group emergent readers, obviously because that wouldn't be very differentiated.  But sometimes, I do do them to introduce the word of the week.  When I do use them, I find I write a lot of my own, since it's easier than finding one with my word.  I put what I've made so far up on TpT for $1 each, if you're interested. 

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