Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday Tip: No more collating!

Another overly-simple Tuesday tip, but a real time saver for the future if you put in a few extra minutes.  Whenever you make a book, make sure that you make it look like this:

See how the top half and bottom half of the page are the same?  The top half of the pages is the same book as the bottom half so that with one fell swoop of the paper cutter and you'll have yourself two perfectly ready, no collating necessary, readers.  Want to be extra lazy... I mean thrifty with your time?  See if your copy machine has a "finishing" setting where you can staple in two places.  Then you'll already have your book stapled for you too!  All you need to do is cut the two books apart.  I find that the one staple holds well enough, especially for a book that you know is probably going in the recycle bin not too long after it gets home.

Have a book not already assembled this way?  Make an extra copy, cut it half, and put it back together as a top/bottom book the old fashioned way using the copy machine.  It will take a little extra time this year, but when you pull that baby out of your files next year, you'll be glad that you did!

Need some holiday readers already collated and ready for you?  Please take two of mine!  They practice the word "here."


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